Work Injury FAQs

The way you carry yourself on the job can make an impact on your overall health. Work injuries can lead to ongoing discomfort and pain if they are not treated once they occur. Our chiropractors at The ReHab Group in the Bronx, NY, have put together some frequently asked questions regarding workplace injuries. Our staff has the training and experience to help you recover from your workplace injury.


What Types of Injuries Occur on The Job?

There are several ways you can become injured on the job. If you repetitively perform certain tasks, you can overstress muscles, leading to pain and the potential for carpal tunnel syndrome. If you look at a computer, phone, or another electronic device constantly, you could have a neck or back pain as a result. Standing or sitting for long durations of time could lead to varicose veins, poor blood circulation, and pain in some areas.

How Can Work Injuries Be Avoided?

To avoid injuries while on the job, it is important to know the safety measures in place. Ask management for additional information if it has not been presented to you. Make sure you are aware of how to properly use the equipment and tools to help keep safe. Ask for additional training if you do not feel comfortable with the practices in place to help minimize the chance of becoming injured while on the job.

Make certain to take breaks from excessive standing, sitting, driving, or repetitive tasks whenever possible. A short walk or stretch will help get your blood circulating and help reduce the possibility of muscle soreness. Use ergonomic furnishings and tools to help keep your body from becoming stressed from action or inaction while at a computer or using the equipment.

What Can Our Chiropractors Do to Help?

One of our chiropractors will evaluate the extent of your injury to determine the right course of action for treatment. In many cases, spinal adjustments work well at relieving pain caused by overusing or stretching parts of the body beyond their normal range of motion. In some instances, we will use temperature therapy, massage, exercise, or lifestyle changes to aid in the reduction of pain and discomfort caused by an injury.

Chiropractic Care for Work Injury Treatment

If you have been recently injured at work and you are looking for relief from discomfort or pain, contact The ReHab Group in the Bronx, NY, at 718-328-2225 to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors. We will provide a thorough evaluation and develop a treatment plan that is designed to assist with your recovery.


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